An aspiring sports writer

At one time my calling was to be a sports writer/journalist. I even had plans to go to college to take up the journalism trade. I spoke to some industry people and each one I spoke to dissuaded me from pursuing my dream for many reasons. First one being the evolution of the internet essentially killing the written word format in print (papers and magazines), and the pay not being so wonderful. Instead of Journalism I followed an English degree in college and that has left me with no real career prospects. I haven’t been happy with anything I have done so far.

So here I am, fulfilling my dream at least in some aspect even if I am the only one that ever reads this blog of mine. I have been a member of several message boards and usually have my own unique take on things. I have engaged in some back and forth banter, but this blog of mine here will try to be more professional. Others are free to comment here and post here, especially if they want to share information about college sports or local high school sports in their areas where they live. I have played both football and baseball on varying levels, mostly high school. I’ve also played in some semi-pro leagues. Those days are long behind me now thanks to several injuries and father time reminding me I am not 21 anymore. My passion still burns though, so if I can’t play like I used to, I still want to be engaged in sports to some degree.

I will have to thank somebody for reinvigorating me to do this. Peter Schmuck of the Baltimore Sun and on WBAL. I have written to him several times on his blog on the Sun and have called in to his show. He knows what I was trying to do and has had nothing but great things to say to me and offered me some advice. After reading one of my comments on air he finished by saying, “That was probably one of the most well written comments I have ever read on air before,” and I smiled when I heard that. Unfortunately the radio format favors callers, not writers. I don’t like to call in on shows because I feel I am more effective in written language than in spoken word. But, who knows? I wouldn’t mind hosting a sports talk show one day if that opportunity ever came my way.

At one time I also moonlighted for Pressbox, serving at a proofreader/editor/transcript writer of which they sorely needed. I also served as a contributor to their Morning Coffee segments. Since it was a voluntary position and driving over an hour to their location it just wasn’t feasible for me to continue on there for no pay. It was an educational experience though and I am thankful for the time I spent there.

So, that’s why I am here. I hope you enjoy my posts and personal takes on things. Feel free to disagree, I just have one rule. Keep it clean and classy. Since I am the owner of this blog I will reserve the right to remove posts that are not done in proper taste. You can disagree with me without the need to call me an idiot, though I very well may be one. I, in turn, will show you the same respect for your opinions.

Thank you and have a wonderful holiday season!



  1. cowboysfaninbuffalove

    Hello Ed! I enjoyed reading your blog, I am in a very similar situation as you, former athlete who has a passion for sports; and am interested in sports journalism. I am curious, do you get a lot of people who follow what you write? Or is it more for your own satisfaction.

    • Ed Bandell

      I haven’t gotten a lot of followers and I am not exactly the “flogging” type where I am going to promote my blog to the ends of the Earth. I am writing merely in my free time and when my fancy strikes me.

      So far I haven’t posted in awhile because the off season for both the Orioles and the Ravens have been quiet so far. The O’s have made some moves recently that I might comment about. Sure there is a lot of crazy stuff going on in the NFL with Sam and the Incognito/Martin issue, but I am trying to stay away from those situations.

      Thanks for the message and thanks for reading! I really appreciate you getting in touch with me.

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