O’s trade Valencia for Lough

After selecting Michael Almanzar in the rule 5 draft, a right handed hitting 1b/3b bench spot was a luxury. The Orioles dealt slugging Danny Valencia to the Royals for speedy, strong armed, outfielder David Lough.

Lough comes with a bat that has shown patience in the minors, the ability to get on base, and the ability to hit double digit doubles, triples, and home runs. His defense plays in LF or RF, and can also play some CF in a pinch. He bats left handed which also really helps the Orioles.

Some might question the idea of trading off Valencia, but the Orioles did a good job of selling high. That was one of the best years Valencia has had in a long time and it came in a relatively short sample size. Valencia also wasn’t exactly a gifted fielder.

The Orioles have filled their closer spot with Balfour, it appears that LF will be now covered with a mix of Lough, Urrutia, and Reimold with Julio Borbon and Peguero having outside shots.

There is still a matter of a Starting Pitcher, a 2B, and a DH bat. Internally the Orioles may have DH covered with Reimold or Urrutia since they are not gifted defensively and Reimold’s fragility I think is lessened by him being a strict DH. They might also have 2B covered with the likes of Ryan Flaherty, Jemile Weeks, and maybe Cord Phelps.


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