Grant Balfour deal off, Troy Patton suspended

Apparently the Orioles medical staff saw something they did not like in Balfour’s physical and they decided to rescind their contract offer to Balfour and he is once again a free agent. Dan Duquette cannot speak on specifics of what the team saw in their report. He merely said that it was the Orioles decision to pursue a closer via the free agent market, in house, or via trade. Balfour, his agent, and two independent doctors state that Balfour’s shoulder is fine. There is a chance that Balfour will sign a grievance against the Orioles. I think that probably doesn’t happen unless he can’t get another closing job for the same amount of money. As for the alternatives, the Orioles are reportedly interested in Free Agent Fernando Rodney.

If that news wasn’t bad enough, relief pitcher Troy Patton will be suspended for 25 games for a PED infraction involving amphetamines. This isn’t the first time Patton has been in trouble. He was also involved in an off season alcohol-related accident which also saw him lose some favor with the Orioles. This situation certainly didn’t bring about any warm feelings and his time in Baltimore may soon be coming to an end. He was the last remaining piece of the Miguel Tejada trade years ago that brought pitchers Matt Albers, Dennis Sarfate, Luke Scott, Troy Patton, and minor leaguer Mike Costanzo.


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