O’s sign Pitcher Alfredo Aceves

This is another minor league deal with an invite to Spring Training and a major league clause which will pay him $1.2 million if he makes the major league roster.

Alfredo Aceves is 31 and has spent his entire major league career in the AL East where he has had some level of success, and complete failure. As a pitcher he’s done everything you can do, started, pitched in relief, and was even a closer for part of a season. He is mostly used as a swing man to mainly pitch long relief and spot start on an emergency basis. My guess is that is exactly what his role will be with the Orioles. He might make the AAA starting rotation, but for the Orioles I can’t see him beating anyone out unless he is absolutely on fire in Spring…and even then, I think he’s the odd man out in that scenario if the Orioles happen to sign Arroyo.

Once again Dan Duquette is bringing in a lot of low-risk guys that have had track records of success in the majors, or do something very well in the minors that the club is looking for, and then the track record has been that one of these guys eventually pans out. Nate McLouth was one of those guys. It is no mistake that he’s going after hitters that have shown power in the past, guys that have some speed, and guys that have managed high OBP in their careers in the majors or minors. With how fragile pitching is, the old saying is that you can never have too much of it, so this was a decent move albeit not a flashy one. I can see this guy tossing some innings out of the bullpen for this club.


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