Ray Rice arrested for a disturbance

Starting halfback for the Ravens; Ray Rice, has been arrested for an incident that occurred at a Casino in Atlantic City on Saturday.

According to security they witnessed a physical altercation between Rice and his girlfriend Janay Palmer. The details are not exactly all fleshed out and some reports state it was a minor altercation, others say there was more to it than that. The police apparently thought the issue must not have been too serious because they released both Rice and Palmer.

The Ravens are not commenting on the incident at this point other than to say they are aware of it and they are waiting to speak with Ray and want to get the details before making any decisions.

The issue at hand is that Rice has become a bit of a malcontent in a year where he has seen his production drop off significantly. He has been involved in an alleged spitting incident with Cleveland Browns DT Phil Taylor, has openly criticized the offense in the media, and was reportedly off and on between being motivated to play or not play. This is on top of reports that Rice was not exactly in shape for the 2013 season and was heavier than he’s ever been. This incident is just further tarnishing an image of Rice as a squeaky clean, stand up guy. Rice has been very active in the community and raising funds for charities. He seemed to be emerging as one of the new leaders on the team as well.


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