Another Raven in trouble

After the disturbing news that surfaced about Ray Rice and his fiance Janay Palmer, comes a report that WR Deonte Thompson was arrested for “suspicion of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.”

Thompson is a speedy wide receiver that is also a bit undersized and has not yet been able to turn his natural ability into production on the field. He was hampered last season by a foot injury that had him missing time in training camp and during the beginning of the season.

Thompson doesn’t have a track record of off the field problems while he’s been here in Baltimore, but if he’s convicted I am sure the NFL will be handing him a suspension. He can probably expect to sit about 4 games out at the beginning of the year.

I like to believe my team has high character players on it. I like to cheer for my team and think that they are relatively good people. I know not everyone is an angel. It took awhile for the Ravens to shed off their reputation as a team that would hire anybody regardless of their past (such as Bam Morris) if they thought they could improve the team. Ray Lewis may get a pass from a lot of Baltimore fans, but outside of Maryland the view isn’t quite the same. Jamal Lewis was involved in helping to broker a drug deal and spend time in prison. Chris McAlister was also routinely getting into trouble.

Deonte probably was never going to be an elite contributor on the NFL level, but that is kind of beside the point. I want to be able to be proud of the guys that suit up and represent my city to the world and it is hard to do that when players are constantly getting noticed for all the wrong reasons.


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