What positions are the Ravens looking for in the Draft; WR Edition

Here is a list of players the Ravens have met with at the combine. It is no secret that the Ravens are looking to add to the WR group and that the Offensive Line needs some help. But some other positions they are looking at might be a bit more telling. I will provide the list of names, positions, post a link to their combine numbers, and potential round of the draft they might go. This is the group of Wide Receivers the Ravens met with at the combine.

WR: Brandin Cooks : 5’10” 189lbs, is one of those pesky agile route-runner types with a bit of speed. Who isn’t trying to find the next Wes Welker these days? Wasn’t known to be a speed burner but a 4.33 40 yard dash might say otherwise. Did see time as a Punt Returner but wasn’t a playmaker.

WR: Mike Davis : 6’0” 197lbs is supposed to have the makeup of an NFL WR, but something is missing. Inconsistent hands, poor work ethic, and questionable attitude. Capable of making great catches, but also drops passes he shouldn’t. Might be a late rounder that is a guy that Ozzie hopes can instill the “Play like a Raven” attitude.

WR: Kelvin Benjamin : 6’5” 240lbs. No, he’s not a linebacker, he’s a WR. Huge guy that is a mismatch. Doesn’t have elite speed and doesn’t seem to have the strength to go with his obvious size. Has upside with work on technique. Is he the next Calvin Johnson?

WR: Jordan Matthews : 6’3” 212lbs: Considered to be a possession, west coast style receiver. Not much of a shock considering he is related to Jerry Rice. Good hands, smart, but doesn’t have elite speed and suffers dropsies from time to time.

WR: Robert Herron : 5’9” 193lbs: Speedy straight line guy with questionable route running skills and hands. Probably has better speed than he showed at the combine. Might just be a return man in the NFL unless he improves his skills.

WR: Jarvis Landry : 5’11” 205lbs: Jump ball guy who will fight for the ball because he doesn’t have the break away speed to beat a defender deep. Tough-nosed and willing to go over the middle. Will block and plays special teams. Sound like a shorter AnQuan Boldin?

WR: Marquise Lee : 6’0” 192lbs: All around receiver, good route-runner, has speed to get by defenders, has good hands. Has suffered numerous injuries in college and NFL durability is a concern.

The Ravens offense last year looked completely out of sync with the disappearance of the running game and the combined losses of Anquan Boldin and Dennis Pitta really were apparent in the sporadic passing offense. The Ravens already have a decent deep threat in Torrey Smith and they think they have a tough over the middle guy in Marlon Brown. What they don’t have is that other go-to guy that you can count on to make some tough catches and that’s probably the type of receiver they are going to look for in the draft. They might also look for another speed burner/return man type just in case they lose Jacoby Jones to free agency


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