“The Blindside” Era ends in Baltimore + Canty news

I remember the day the Ravens drafted Micheal Oher. Everybody was excited that we had amazingly found the next Jonathan Ogden. Okay, maybe he wouldn’t be exactly like Ogden, his style would be a bit different, but he was going to be the franchise LT to protect Joe Flacco’s blindside.

That didn’t really happen. Credit where credit is due. Oher is a tough man, started every game, he never complained, never caused trouble, and from all accounts is a great person. At times he showed you why so much was expected of him, but at other times you would wonder how he could keep making the same mistakes over and over again. If you take away the movie, the hype, being drafted in the first round, the money he got as a first round draft pick, and say he was taken in the 3rd round and the story was, “A raw player with amazing strength, feet faster than you’d expect for a man his size, but needs a lot of technique,” then maybe Oher would be considered a very good player.

But, we can’t take that all away. He very quickly proved he wasn’t capable of playing LT in the NFL and while at first he seemed to adapt to RT very well, his play tailed off and he was constantly plagued by false starts and other untimely penalties that would destroy momentum and kill drives.

Today Micheal Oher signed a four year deal worth $20 million with the Titans. I think he will continue to be a rather solid tackle and I personally think if you move him to Guard he will be an absolute beast. Now the Ravens have to figure out what they will do at the position. The leading in house candidate would be Kelechi Osemele if he’s 100% healthy from back surgery. Otherwise they will need to go free agent, draft, or perhaps see if Jah Reid; who has been extremely underwhelming so far, can make himself useful, or perhaps try one of the other draftees from last year like Ricky Wagner.

In other news, it looks as if DE Chris Canty will remain with the Ravens as they paid him his $500,000 roster bonus. While not a standout, Canty did a respectable job filling in here and there and making some plays. With the loss of Arthur Jones, he could become more valuable to the Ravens D-line while other players like Brandon Williams try to prove they are ready.


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