Shout out to Courtney Upshaw

When I started tweeting about Ravens players for what I do for The Purple Reign Show, I had no idea they would pay attention, take notice, and take part of their valuable time to respond. In today’s game against the Browns I thought I had seen at least a couple of plays where Courtney Upshaw got into the backfield, but allowed the play to run by him. He failed to “set the edge.” Of course this is only my opinion as I don’t know what his exact assignment is on each snap, I can only guess as a spectator. I decided to tweet this observation and apparently Courtney was paying attention and we had this little exchange.

Seems like he took it the right way. I wasn’t trying to bash on him or anything. I am just calling things as I see them. He had some disruptive plays as well; such as on the sack of Brian Hoyer late in the game. I must say I was a little worried about his reply at first because he’s not a guy I think I would like to make angry. But I looked at some of his other tweets and I felt like I didn’t have to worry about being substituted in for Ben Roethlisberger on that big hit he took from Courtney in week 2.

I just think sometimes context can be hard to understand in 140 characters or less. I wanted to take this opportunity to clear it up for those that might think I mean more than I do with my posts. The Ravens are my team, I bleed black and purple and black and orange (Orioles). I am just trying to remain unbiased and share my humble opinion about what I am seeing in a game. Whether I am right or wrong, that’s for you all to decide. I just hope I am entertaining people that follow me and you enjoy what I post.

Just wanted to give Courtney Upshaw some credit for addressing me and my little comment and taking time out of his day to reply. He made my day even better than it had been for a Ravens victory.


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